Random Objects

April 3, 2009

By Moustapha Camara

We interview Anthony Simpson of t-shirt brand Random Objects.

TM: How did you decide on the name, Random Objects, for your brand?

AS: Well the name “Random Objects” came from me being influenced by random objects I would see throughout my daily travels. I would often design graphics after seeing things that intrigued me. Music, typography, art installations, nature… even the news could instantly motivate me to design.

TM: So, what’s the ‘Pigeons Love New York’ shirt all about?

AS: I came across a story last year about a councilman who proposed a $1000 fine for anyone caught feeding pigeons. When I read this I immediately began to think of all the pigeons I have seen around NYC. Pigeons are part of the New York landscape just as yellow cabs and pretzel vendors are. I wanted to create a design that played on that iconic “I Love NY” design but with a twist.

TM: What challenges have you come across in the t-shirt business? How did you overcome them?

AS: One of the biggest challenges I have faced is getting our name out there. There are so many great brands and designs out there that we have to navigate through. Tee shirt blogs like Cottonable, Hide Your Arms, Rumplo, and others have greatly helped to expose us to a much larger audience.

TM: What t-shirt brands have you been influenced by?

AS: Some brands that have influenced me are: Graniph, 2K by Gingham, Tank Theory, Concrete Hermit, Monsieur T… and the list goes on and on! I really like the cohesive randomness of many of these brands.

TM: Interesting post you got on your blog about Obama’s Luxury Tank. What would be included in your own personal luxury tank?

AS: I can’t think of one thing that I would want to add that his limo does not already have. It even has viles of his own blood… that’s crazy! Maybe if it had a personal sushi chef and conveyor belt– that would make it perfect.

TM: What do plan on accomplishing in 2009 with your brand? What’s in store for the future of Random Objects?

AS: There are so many future plans for Random Objects. I want to continue to grow our fan base both nationally and internationally. We have been blessed to have been so well received in both of these arenas so far. I also have a few surprises planned for the holidays that I’m excited about. Stay tuned to our blog for hints and further developments.