Welcome to ‘Twisted Disney’ week @T-shirt Magazine. Disneyland announced today that they were pulling their Mickey Mouse infused rendition of Joy Division’s 1979 ‘Unknown Pleasures’ album after being on sale for less than a week. Errr, what? Yes, the lovable corporation that markets merchandise and media to children worldwide tooootally thought it was cool to stamp their brand all over the iconic imagery of a tragic band known for suicide and war crime satire without that band’s explicit permission. They say Joy Division’s graphic artist, Peter Saville, modeled the original cover art after images in the public domain, so they believed they were not in copyright violation even though they explicitly marketed the shirt as ‘inspired by Joy Division’ and not ‘inspired by the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astronomy’. After the veritable warfare of SOPA and PIPA being waged by The Walt Disney Company and others, you’d think they’d at least lead by example. Unless of course the message here is that billion dollar corporations cannot have their intellectual property rights violated, but you and especially cool post-punk bands from the 70’s tooootally can.