Redemption Clothing

January 24, 2009

We interview Matt Tyler of Redemption Clothing.

TM: How long have you been in the t-shirt business? What have you learned?

MT: We have been around for just over 1 year. We started in November,of 2007. Wow,where to start. I learn something new everyday. However the most unexpected thing I have gathered, is how much work is actually put in to owning and operating a clothing brand.

Seriously,every day,all day I am doing something with Redemption and yet I still feel as though there is so much more that needs to be done everyday.So be prepared to have no life. Luckily I am single,so Redemption Clothing is my world!

TM: From the look of your storefront, it seems like you have an affinity for monsters and mammoths. What’s the idea behind Redemption Clothing?

MT: Well, I have had a thing for monsters (and anything imaginable ) since I was a kid. These are the things I never really saw in the fashion industry until lately, although I try to have more original, semi-friendly monsters in my line. Oh, and the positive message behind our brand. I didn’t want to be just another clothing brand. I think its important to put yourself,and your beliefs that you are so passionate about in everything you do. So, with Redemption being my life, I wanted to preach the hope of redemption. To encourage people to love each other and forgive. Just maybe if everyone in the world owned one of my shirts we would have world peace.

TM: How do you get inspiration for your t-shirt designs?

MT: Wow, so much inspires me. Movies, nature, dreams, childhood memories, my faith and the list goes on. A lot of times I just get a awesome idea and its like a cold, it just wont go away.

TM: Out of all of the t-shirts you designed, which one is your favorite?

MT: Not a shirt, but its the Mammoth hoodie! Its simple,yet powerful. I love mammoths and think they are amazing, tough, yet adorable!

TM: What are your future plans for Redemption Clothing?

MT: To be in major stores all over the world! Possibly open my own store. I guess we will just see what happens.

TM: What are some helpful tips you can give to others trying to get into the t-shirt industry?

MT: Like I said before, be prepared to not have a life. Be dedicated, original, patient, and you will become successful.

For more on Redemption Clothing, check out their online shop.