Retro Campaigns Winter 2011

Retro Campaigns just released their latest collection of political tees. Known for producing tees recalling memorable characters and moments from American political history, Retro Campaigns newest edition of designs highlight Woodrow Wilson’s 1916 campaign, Jesse Jackson’s 1988 campaign, and Michael Dukakis’ 1988 campaign. In addition to the vintage inspired designs, they offer some facts about their latest political subjects:

Woodrow Wilson – political campaign 1916
o President of Princeton in 1902
o Governor of New Jersey in 1910
o The only President to hold a Ph.D. degree
o Two terms as President – 1916 was his second term
o Entered World War I on April 2, 1917 and coined the term: the war to end war

Jesse Jackson – political campaign 1988
o Lost the Presidential nomination to be the Democratic Candidate to Michael Dukakis
o New York Times called 1988 the “Year of Jackson”
o Jackson captured 6.9 million democratic votes
o Won 11 contests (seven primaries and four caucuses)
o Civil rights activist and Baptist minister

Michael Dukakis – political campaign 1988
o Was the Democratic presidential nominee in 1988
o Lost to then Vice President George H. W. Bush, republican nominee, for the presidency
o Was the 65th and 67th governor of Massachusetts

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