R.I.P. VHS Shirt

February 3, 2009

I was reading some posts on the T-Shirts Around the Internet blog and came across this funny post. It’s about a t-shirt that comments on the death of the VHS. Check out the post:

No no, these are not tears… just a little nostalgia for the VHS who died last December in the age of 33. Nakatomi brings you this VHS Memorial Shirt Never Forget, packed in a reclaimed vintage video clamshell and sealed with a black armband.”

Here’s the product description of the shirt:

Terrible news haunts us here at the dawn of 2009.

VHS, my friends, is dead.

As of December 2008, VHS is no longer manufactured. Running from 1975-2008, VHS brought joy into our lives for 33 amazing years. To show our reverence to this once giant, now laid low, we bring you this tee.

Packed in a reclaimed vintage video clamshell, and sealed with a black armband, this will let you say to the world, “We will not go quietly into this good night!” Each box includes a heartfelt printed eulogy from The Stuff blog’s own Dr. Wild.

Our hearts might be burdened with loss, but remember- VHS memories are only a PLAY button away.

Funny read!