Run on a Wealthy Budget

March 28, 2008

Rich? We’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas for using your money effectively.

wealthy Buy a screen printer. Don’t leave the printing to those big companies. Become your own in house printer.

Hire designers and workers. Since you’ll be busy managing the business, hire workers to work the big machines you bought. Hire t-shirt designers to design all the great t-shirt ideas you come up with.

Buy licensed t-shirts. If you wanna sell out with no difficulty you might wanna try selling licensed t-shirts. It shouldn’t be hard to sell them since they’re popular and there are already people who wan’t these shirts.

Open a brick and mortar. Sell your shirts locally in a t-shirt shop you built from the ground up. Make it look crazy so it stands out from all the other clothing shops on the block and make sure visitors feel welcome.

Give out free t-shirts. Go to events and throw hundreds of t-shirts into the crowd. Pick a random online customer each day and send out a t-shirt. Send t-shirts to celebrities.

Hold a contest. Announce that your giving away $10,000 and 50 t-shirts to the 1,000,000th customer.

Pull a big publicity stunt. Stand on top of the tallest building in your city and make it rain t-shirts.

Run an ad campaign on a big site. Cover up myspace with banner ads of your clothing line for a whole 3 months. Make them bold and eye catching.

Run an ad campaign in a big magazine. Put full page ads in your favorite magazine and make sure they’re there for at least 5 issues.

Have your products in a celebrity event gift bag. Get them seen by famous people by giving them as gifts. Make sure you’re featured in the Oscar’s gift bag.

Sponsor an event. Give $5,000 to that local non profit group for their big event and get a spot on their banners and promotional material. On top of that, go to the event and give out free t-shirts.

Sponsor a local celebrity. Pick someone who’s pretty famous in your area and give him a whole wardrobe. If he’s famous enough, you’ll see his fans become yours.

Be on tv. Have a commercial on several channels or pay your way to a televised event and wear one of your t-shirts. Pay people who are always on tv to wear some of your shirts.