Some brands build their cred through ubiquity, and naturally, others through exclusivity. Let it be known: whenever you happen to be face to face with someone rockin’ a Benny Gold or Staple tee, you are dealing with a connoisseur, and you had better damn well know your ish should you tempt fate and engage said person in a battle. And if you see someone wearing a Benny Gold x Staple design, well you should shake their hand vigorously and tell them to spin, because you just saw something awesome. As the peeps over at Benny Gold were pulling this mint out of the box the t-shirt gods even anointed the union – a Staple trademark pigeon descended into the shop and blessed them with its trademark avian crap. Praise. Check in at Benny Gold to get in on their 50% clearance to make way for this monumental release and the new Jansport x Benny Gold collab hittin’ the online store any day now. And NYC heads, do yourself a favor and take a field trip to Reed Space to catch some Staple tees and pick up their Kid Robot x Staple pigeon.