New Shop: Nifty

Get ready for a new shopping experience. Nifty is a t-shirt retail shop that combines sales, luck and fun. Ever played a game of chance? Make the right move, or land on the right spot and you win. Well, think of Nifty as a game. Every week, Nifty puts up five graphic tees for a limited time sale. If you could spot out and purchase the least popular tee, your chances of winning increases. The blue star is a hint, an indicator of the least popular tee of the last hour. The sale closes when the countdown timer reads 00:00:00. When the sale is over, Nifty tallies up the sales numbers made for each tee. If you purchased the least popular t-shirt based on the sales, you WIN a coupon for a FREE t-shirt! This coupon is valid for any future Nifty sales. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Give Nifty a try today, and you might never have to pay for another t-shirt again!

Take 15% off your first purchase. Use the coupon code at check out:7776-0132-2886-8730.