SHRED Clothing

SHRED Clothing
is “badass shirts with amazing illustration printed on the softest shirt known to man”, according to co-founder, Jonathan Kruse. SHRED clothing was actually founded by four guys located across the U.S.; Jon, Eric, Tony, and Ben. I interviewed Jon back in January ’09 (for T-Mag #40), but I decide to interview him again to ask about his new venture.

shred clothing

MC: What’s the idea behind SHRED Clothing?

JK: I wanted to make an amazing product. I got the best designers, the best printer, the best shirts, and I just wanted to make the best product possible.

MC: How did you come up with the characters on your t-shirts? Are all of the characters based on other fictional characters?

JK: I just made a list of stuff I thought was badass and talked to some artists and let them roll with it.

MC: What marketing tactics do you use for promoting SHRED Clothing? Which marketing efforts have proved to be the most effective?

JK: Most of what we are doing for marketing is talking to blogs and setting up accounts on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter to connect with our customers. This is the best way to start, from my experience. After blogs start writing about you and linking to your website you can build up your page rank and do some SEO. Google is a great way to get a lot of free traffic to your site and if you aren’t utilizing, it you aren’t doing as well as you could be.

MC: How do you manage to run SHRED Clothing while running the ‘How to Start a Clothing Company’ site and Mediocore Clothing? Do you have people helping you with your other projects, or are they run just by you?

JK: I don’t do to much to maintain my ‘How to Start a Clothing Company’ [site] and other Mediocore Clothing [site] . It’s all just a lot of work to start it but once you have it up, it’s not too much work. For SHRED I have some help with Eric Sullivan handling the marketing and talking to bands, and Ben doing our wholeseling.

MC: What are some stuff that you’ve accomplished since the last time I interviewed you on T-Shirt Magazine, back in January ‘09?

JK: Mainly just started SHRED. It was a lot of of work.

MC: What characters do you look to base your future t-shirts designs on?

JK: I just try and think up badass imagery and tell the artist to make it look epic and it always come out looking great.

MC: What are your plans for SHRED Clothing for the remainder of 2009?

JK: I want to get our shirts into a lot of stores. It is something that I haven’t done with my first clothing company and the next step into creating something bigger. Also custom packaging and adding more extras with every order is something I’m working on.