Sotare- Kangaroo Tees


Check out these cool tees from Sotare, a clothing company/ art project inspired by skateboarding, art, cartoons and creativity. Sotare (pronounced so-tare) is derived from a Greek word “sotier” which means “savior”.  Their iconic logo is a leaping kangaroo, which symbolizes progress, leaping forward into the unknown, creating a map that others will follow.

The bold lines and vivid color scheme (hot pink, lime green, lemon yellow, and snow white) are really eye catching. The t-shirts display a good use of branding, with the sewn hem tag on the bottom and the printed tag on the interior neck. The branding is also echoed in the websites background, which is an repeated pattern with various graphic illustrations seen in their merchandise. It would be cool if they release a t-shirt with a similar all-over print.

Adrian Black, the company’s founder, says “We want to encourage others to take the reins on their life and build the future they desire to see come to fruition.”