Using Special Offers to Sell Your T-Shirts

As a whole, humans are programmed to avoid loss and danger. Without this basic instinct, the human race would have a difficult time surviving. Subconsciously, humans are constantly watching for cues that might suggest danger or the possibility of experiencing dramatic loss that lead them to flee or evade the problem as quickly as possible.

In fact, our nervous system is fine tuned to make us react quickly when signs of danger or loss present themselves. There are many stories of mothers who have exhibited nearly superhuman strength and lifted whole cars off their babies who were caught underneath. How could this happen? The idea of the loss of their child was so unbearable that the nervous system kicked in to give them the boost they needed to overcome that problem. It made them act in more extraordinary ways than normal to take action immediately.

Obviously, losing money or an opportunity can never be compared with the potential loss of a child, although the same dynamics are at play. A possible loss of money or opportunity can create a sense of urgency. The greater the potential loss, the more the nervous system kicks in to take immediate action. That’s why most financial experts warn that people are risk adverse and shouldn’t watch the stock market. If they do and see their investments drop substantially, they pull their money out instead of waiting for the market to correct itself. This is because the loss triggered a subconscious risk that caused them to take immediate and emotional action, rather than to think the situation out.

This works in the sales arena because if you give your prospect time to think about other options, odds are they’ll either think up more objections or decide to buy from someone else. It may not even be a better t-shirt, just better marketed. If they aren’t given a reason each time they come into contact with your brand as to why they shouldn’t walk away and give it some thought, it can become the most damaging of objections to your sales effort simply because once you are out of sight, it’s guaranteed you are out of mind.

Taking Advantage Of Human Programming

Your offer will have to invoke a sense of urgency since over the internet you do not have your prospect in front of you as in a physical store location. You can push this as much or as little as you like. You can simply call prices “introductory” and not say anything about whether the price will change in the future or not. But, the word implies that something can change later down the line. On the other hand, you could clearly state that it is a one-time or a limited time price to create more of a sense of urgency.

There are even more creative ways you can invoke a sense of loss and they have nothing to do with a time element. This is what can make them very effective. You really aren’t rushing anyone, but you give the implication that if a potential customer doesn’t rush themselves, they will experience a loss. An example of this would be if you offer a specific t-shirt as a limited edition that will not be printed again after the current inventory is sold. Well, there is not an actual time frame that you’ve mentioned or a time limit on the offer, but you’ve very effectively lit a fire under most visitors due to the potential for loss of the chance to get that t-shirt in the future.

Another way to invoke a sense of urgency is when it’s a matter of style or status. When is the best time to get something that really sets you apart from others? When the product is first released. If it is going to be a sought after t-shirt design, then your potential customer will have to get one before they are all sold. This is a powerful marketing strategy that can even help with pre-sales, so that prospect can reserve a t-shirt before it is even printed.

This type of logic is also used when marketers say:”Be the first to own this fully loaded cell phone.” Or, whatever the product might be. They are hoping to increase your sense of urgency by getting people to jostle for being the first in line to buy their product. After all, once everyone has one then it’s not such a big deal anymore and the urgency is lost.

Making your offer in a way that creates an impulse to take action and buy is very important to online sales. If you can’t get that urgency across, people will drift off to some other site or activity and be gone for good.

You want to make sure that your visitor understands why it is important for them to make that purchase now and know that you are offering a great deal that they shouldn’t pass up!

By Anthony Marsh