Become a Sponsor

August 1, 2008

When marketing your t-shirt brand, one of the best ways to increase exposure is by becoming a sponsor. If you haven’t considered this method of promotion, here’s some tips to get you brainstorming.

Why you should sponsor?

-Get your brand increased exposure by sponsoring popular people or events with high attendance.

-People and events you sponsor will surely bring about buzz, and the best marketing for your business is word of mouth.

-People you sponsor are connected with your target market and have social circles you probably wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

-Sponsoring the right people will give your brand a higher perceived value

Who to sponsor?

-Upcoming local music artists and dancers

-Skateboarders and other athletes

-Events relevant to your target

-A cause relevant to your target

What to sponsor?

-Just a few t-shirts. Don’t get the wrong idea that sponsoring means you have to pay for the appetizers at events or an athletes plane tickets or anything like that

When you should sponsor?

-When you release a new batch of designs. Get those designs as much exposure as possible.

-When you know of a local celebrity who’s attending some event soon. Try to get him/her to wear one of your t-shirts at the event.

-When you have some shirts left over from last season that haven’t sold.

How to find people to sponsor?

-Make a Myspace page, add a bunch of friends, and local celebrities will magically approach you about having you sponsor them.

-Contact local (and worldwide celebrities if possible) about sponsoring some t-shirts

-Hang around skate parks, concerts, or anywhere you’re target endorsers would be, and scout someone to sponsor.