Springleap Designers Spotlight

October 3, 2008

By Josie Stewart

If you are wondering where to find some fresh and funky t-shirts designs, you should explore the “Dark Continent” Africa.

Springleap.com is an online T-shirt company based in South Africa, which is producing some outrageously sort-after t-shirt designs, showcasing both local and international designers.

Below are some of the kind of designs that have been rocking the springleap.com website these past few months and a bit of info on their classic creators.

Robert Smart, or as he is better known as “Souf “ to the springleap community; has been creating some simplistically -soulful designs which he refers to as” frootilious “and his most popular designs are Afrolution and Alter ego . Souf’s designs are low on colour but high on impact – designs packed with powerful punchy images in a classic minimalist and iconic style.

Sven Palmowski, the Barcelonain German with a flair for the alternative. In the springleap community Sven goes by Amarillo, his designs are always experimental and detailed you can’t fight the urge to stop and stare at his unconventional designs. Amarillo has a knack for putting a crazy spin (that is undeniably his indelible mark) on even the most seemingly mundane subject matter. Below is just a taste of some of his wacky designs that have found their way into previous springleap competitions (wooden island and Bamizilla) and have made it into the top 10!

Yumna AKA” Yummm” is an undercover tree hugger – her Make Love not War Campaign t-shirts are always a conversation starter. Her awesome illustrations and classic colours turn objects normally associated with war and violence into powerful positive illustrations loaded with love and delight. Yummm’s designs have been a huge hit on the springleap website – go check out the rest in the series.

These designers and their creations are but a few of the incredibly talent that you can find on springleap. If you are designer looking to make some serious cash and earn major exposure and credibility or a die-hard T-shirt lover come and check out what this proudly South African company springleap.com has to offer

The t-shirts are slim fit made from 165 gram combed South African 100% cotton and shipped with a variety of awesome extras. All the designs are available in guys and girls sizes but quantities are limited so get to springleap.com before they’re all gone!