Start a Blog

July 11, 2008

Blogging has become one of the biggest internet trends of the new millennium. Everybody and their momma has a blog. From businesses looking to maximize online presence, to individuals trying to make a name for themselves, to people who simply wanna keep a journal online. Many have begun to recognize the effectiveness of keeping a blog. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet and still need some convincing, here are some reasons you should start a blog for your t-shirt line.

To Stay Connected
One of the best ways to make sales is by connecting with your customers. Writing a blog can keep you connected with people who like your clothing and want to know more about you. You can upload your latest photos, videos or stories for your customers and friends to know how you’re doing. Also helps for a situation in which you’re having technical difficulties with your online shop. You can keep people updated on the progress on your blog.

To Have Fun
If you’re an avid reader of blogs you can tell that bloggers have lots of fun writing them. It’s your chance to just have fun and ease the stress of running a business. If you come off as cool, humorous and interesting, some people will buy from you simply because they enjoyed your blog personality.

Attract Return Visits
If you’re like most clothing lines and online shops, your site doesn’t update every day, or every week at that. There’s nothing that’ll bring customers back every few days. Having a blog that updates regularly will have fans logging on to your page all the time to see if you put up anything new. Your biggest fans will anticipate your next blog post, just as they anticipate your next t-shirt release. With all these return visits a customer may go from buying one of your shirts to buying another and another.

Nearly ever clothing line website I come across these days has a blog. It’s becoming a standard. Here are a few clothing lines that keep blogs:


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