Send us your tees for consideration, or email us with content suggestions.

Please be sure to have available high quality images for use on our website, as this will give you more of a chance of getting posted. If we don’t post about your brand or product right away, we’ll try our best to get around to it. We get tons of submissions daily, so some good stuff gets lost in the jumble occasionally.

For a better chance at a feature, follow these tips.

1) Send us samples of your t-shirts so we can check them out first-hand and honestly recommend them.

3) Give us some news — a specific collection release or new t-shirt for example — rather than your entire brand in general.

4) In your emails, include important details about your products and where they can be purchased.

5) Have a nice looking website with awesome product shots. Makes us feel better recommending your products to the world.

6) Offer something to our readers such as a coupon code or sale.

7) Keep your email short and easy to digest. Long messages with extensive details and background info may be put off for later reading, and then consequently lost in the jumble, so a shorter more concise message is better.

8) Host a giveaway or contest with us.


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