Tees for a Cause: HumanityR

As HumanityR founder Tammy Oh puts it, “It is amazing to know that in today’s internet savvy, over-connected world, that there are kids who don’t even have the proper supplies to really absorb what their teachers are trying to teach them.” HumanityR is a socially conscious t-shirt brand working to provide school supplies to some of America’s most disenfranchised youth.

“The cause is something that is entirely HumanityR. The disparity in education between wealthy and lower income communities is unbelievable. Learning has always been at the forefront of our lives growing up & after discovering that many children never get to have that same experience, we knew we had found our mission. We created HumanityR as a means for providing these children the tools necessary to engage and truly embrace education.”

The company provides school supply packs, aptly named “Magical School Box,” to every single child at their list of target schools, and they pay for the packs out of profits made from t-shirt sales. Every shirt sold provides one “Magical School Box” to a child.

“We locate and connect with the communities that we feel would benefit the most through our efforts. From there, we contact schools so that we can gift our Magic School Boxes to their students. We decided early on in the planning stages that each child would receive their own box, creating a sense of ownership & hopefully building their confidence.

The boxes are created through the generosity of our Superheros (read tee shirt wearers). For every tee shirt that we sell, we set aside a portion to create one Magic School Box. Each box contains school supplies that we have deemed necessary to promote learning & creativity.”

Tammy has big plans for the growth of the brand, working towards the ultimate goal: restoring faith in humanity.

We want to identify as a transparent company that injects as much good and happy into the world as is just outside our apparent capabilities. We are a feel good brand, represented by a naive alien named Kip and supported by our community of steadily growing Superheros. We want to represent restoration of faith in humanity and everything (we know it’s a ridiculous amount) that entails.

If you’d like to get involved with HumanityR’s faith restoration efforts, it’s easy to take part in the movement.

Obviously, the best way to get involved would be to become a Superhero (brand ambassador) and rock one of our tees or talk about our cause to friends and family members (via social media would be awesome).

If they’re looking for more organic ways to help, suggesting schools or communities that we could engage with and providing contacts would be the most beneficial for us.

“For us, it’s more about helping where we can rather than exploiting a group of people for the sake of profit.”

For more on HumanityR visit the website at HumanityR.com