Teevoli presents Love Is My Gun

Teevoli is an American based online retailer premiering European streetwear. Instead of dealing with the “big boys” Teevoli focuses on the small emerging designers and brands bolstering European creativity. Teevoli was taken from the word ‘Tivoli’ which means amusement park in Swedish and added a ‘Tee’ in front to reference T-Shirts.

Featured brand: Addicted Robo
addicted Robo hails from Stockholm, Sweden and is a satirical play of the fashion industry. The ‘Addicted Robo’ name itself is used synonymously to describe the fashionista that follow trends meticulously for better or worse. Plenty of recognizable and iconic prints are redone in typical streetwear spirit with a Scandinavian twist.

Love Is My Gun
Make love not war, but if you do happen to fight make sure love is the reason. Four color print with plenty of details and neck print on a Blue Melange tee.


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