Thirtee: Greg Abbott, a recently launched t-shirt site, is all about spotlighting awesome t-shirt designers one at a time. Unlike the typical “new tee a day” website, with Thirtee the artist takes over the website for 30 days with ten of their best designs up for sale. The site even takes on a new web design based on the artist being featured.

This month’s artist is Greg Abbot, and you can check out some of his funky character filled t-shirt designs below. As Mike, the founder of Thirtee, puts it, “We are basically trying a spin of the regular tshirt site by letting the designer take over the site for a month so they get an idea of what it takes to start their own clothing line. We started with Greg Abbott but soon we want to feature unknown artist so they can have shot at success as well. ” So far so good, and we’re definitely staying tuned. Get these tees and more cool Greg Abbot designs at