Threadless’ Weekend Bunny Invasion

April 12, 2009

Check out this interesting concept by Threadless to celebrate Easter. They’re holding a big Easter hunt in which they stashed little bunny cubes around in New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia (5 cubes in each city). Each cube has a Threadless discount code worth between $20 and $100. It’s probably too late to participate in the NYC egg hunt since people probably already found the bunny cubes (aww man). But if you’re in Philly, there’s probably still hope. If you wanna get a Threadless coupon, and you’re in the area, make sure to look for those little bunny cubes. (Another option for those who wanna get free Threadless gear would be to submit your entry for the T-Shirt Magazine Tee Maniacs contest sponsored by Threadless.)

[Via Pop Culture Tees]