Top 10 Anime Tees

One of the most popular Japanese art forms to reach Western audiences is anime. Whether it is hand-drawn or digitally produced, anime has been featured in films, television, and comic books. While mainstream media might consider anime to be a niche interest, hardcore fans like to show their support of their favorite characters through t-shirts, baseball caps, and hoodies, as well as other novelty merchandise. There have been many anime shows that have become a part of popular culture in Western countries as well as in Japan. Pokémon is without a doubt the most well-known products of the art form. Listed below are ten of our favorite anime tees.


# 10 – Death Note Ryun Silhouette T-Shirt

This shirt originates from the anime series Death Note. It shows one of the main characters, a Shinigami named Ryun. He is flying under the Death Note logo, which can be a frightening sight to those who understand the danger of this emblem. Ryun is a favorite among anime enthusiasts due to his carefree personality and unrivaled power. Its simplistic design may draw some to a more intricate layout. Others may find that the lack of extra inlays makes this shirt unassuming and an ideal way to demonstrate your love for the series without going too extreme.


#9 – Soul Eater Death the Kid Aiming Out T-Shirt

This shirt features a character from the anime series Soul Eater named Death the Kid. Similar to Ryun, he is a Shinigami who has an affinity for firearms. The shirt shows Death the Kid aiming his two pistols at the viewer with crossed arms. Fans of this program will be excited about the stunning red flame backdrop and the skull rings Death the Kid is sporting.


#8 – Yugioh Neon Kuriboh T-Shirt Sheer

No. 8 may be an unexpected choice for some. Why is this Kuriboh shirt ranked ahead of the other two? Any Yugioh fan knows that the Kuriboh card played an important part in Yugi’s duel with his nemesis Kaiba. Thanks to the innovative neon coloring, it appears more lifelike than the original brown Kuriboh monster. It is a perfect choice for both amateur enthusiasts and die-hard fans.


#7 – Naruto Shippuden Heroes Heads T-Shirt

This innovative t-shirt design features the four protagonists from the Naruto Shippuden series: Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke. These characters are fan favorites and were leading characters from the premiere of Naruto Shippuden. All of the characters are dressed up in their iconic attire. The quality of the inlaid images is breathtaking and makes it seem as though you are watching the show or reading the comic. The contrast between the dark colors of the characters’ faces and the bright orange backdrop make this an ideal t-shirt for when you want to stand out from the crowd.


#6 – Pokémon Classic Starter Group T-Shirt

Looking at this shirt brings back memories of Pokémon games and anime. It features Pikachu and the original three starting Pokémon given to Ash by Professor Oak (Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle). Pikachu, Squirtle, and Charmander are in battle-ready poses at the back, while Bulbasaur is in a relaxed pose at the forefront. These characters symbolize the beginning of what would become the most famous and iconic anime series of all time. It instills a great sense of nostalgia for the many individuals who were fans of Pokémon growing up.


#5 – Attack on Titan Eren vs. Titan Panels T-Shirt

The innovative use of panels and the choice of featured image puts this design in the top five. Based off Attack on Titan, this shirt features a battle scene between Eren and a titan. The first two panels show the faces of Eren and the titan before the fight. The three remaining panels are action shots during the fight. These images capture Eren’s courageousness and his never-surrender attitude. Eren is willing to fight any titan that stands in humanity’s way!


#4 – Samurai Jack Kreeegaa! T-Shirt Sheer

The design on this shirt is a battle between Jack and Aku’s robots in the animated television series Samurai Jack. Jack’s attire is in tatters, due to fighting, and his visage exhibits his fearlessness and determination. When you view this shirt, you get a picture in time of the battle that Samurai Jack is undergoing. While it may only be one image, it does a remarkable job of telling a complete story. The beautiful inlay and original design make this a top choice for any anime fan.


#3 – Dragon Ball Z Goku Kamehameha T-Shirt

Fans of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z will cherish this shirt design. In the show, Goku is an immature and childish character who is always looking for a fight. On the t-shirt, Goku is about to release his iconic Kamehameha attack with an appearance of intense emotion on his face. In the background, Shenron is depicted as a white pencil drawing on a gray shirt.


#2 – Naruto Shippuden Characters T-Shirt

This black shirt features an image of the best-known characters in the Naruto series (Kakashi Hatake, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Minato Namikaze, Yamato, and Itachi Uchiha). These characters are especially prized because they have individual and innovative fighting styles. All of the featured characters have a unique backstory and were significant influences on Naruto and Sasuke. The most prominently shown character is Kakashi, whose back is turned and is removing his mask. The other four characters are on a smaller scale and are posing in front of Kakashi.


#1 – Attack on Titan Fiery Poster T-Shirt

Attack on Titan makes a second appearance with the coveted No. 1 spot. The shirt is black and displays the title logo between fiery image of an attacking Titan on the top. Meanwhile, on the bottom, Eren Yeager looks up at the titan. While the image is a just a poster for the series, it captures the intensity and struggles that Eren and his fighters face as they fight to keep humanity alive. After viewing this short video clip, we think you will agree this shirt deserves the No. 1 spot on our list.

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