Top 10 Tentacle Tees

Somewhere, deep in the uncharted depths of the ocean, something lurks. It waits, silently, until you least expect it. A single, slick limb rises above the water, grasping as it snakes behind you. By the time you notice, it’s too late- you’re already in this creature’s grip and being pulled to your doom. Better hope that whatever it is happens to be in a good mood and takes pity on your screaming lungs. When you’ve only got a few seconds to make a good first impression, your t-shirt counts for a lot. Here are the Top Ten Tees with Tentacles- they just might save your life.

10) Octosnip

9) Squidfire Emblem

Squidfire Emblem

8) Baha I Has Nets Too

Baha I Has Nets Too

7) Eight Legged Cats Have Cool Names

Eight Legged Cats

6) Octo Coal

octo coal

5) Typtopus

4) Prairie Squid
Prairie Squid t-shirt

3) Octopus on Yo Shirt

Octopus t-shirt

2) Tentacle

Tentacle t-shirt

1) You Just Can’t Kill the Beast
You Just Can't Kill the Beast