Top 10 Threadless Tees of 2010

The artistic crowd at Threadless is known for producing outstanding t-shirt designs on a daily basis. In 2007, the Threadless Bestee Award was established to honor the hottest designs in the Threadless community. This past year the company released some great designs. Check out ten tees that won Bestee Awards in 2010.

The Beetles
by Alex Solis
This funny t-shirt design, by Alex Solis, is a visual pun of the world famous English rock band. The design is based on their often parodied album cover for Abbey Road.

Space Needs Color
by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini
Spanish designer/illustrator, Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini, designed this awesome t-shirt. A rocket ship blasts off into the darkness, releasing an explosion of vibrant colors.

God Save the Villain!
by Enkel Dika
Why so serious? Everyone loves mash-ups. This cool design by Buko a.k.a. Enkel Dika, is a mash-up of the Joker and the Queen, and won the Bestee Award in March.

There and Back Again
by Reagan H. Lee
We’ve all seen t-shirts with maps of our cities and subways, but what about fictional places? This tee by Reagan H. Lee, is a tribute to Tolkien, and features a map of Middle Earth. Lord of the Rings fans, rejoice!

Mr. Tee
by Phil Jones
This cool design, by Phil Jones a.k.a. “Murray Mullet,” features Mr. T, with his gold chains. Everyone knows the Golden Rule—the man with the gold…rules. This design was also awarded “Tee of the Month” on

Not So Happy
by Lora Zombie
Looks like our friend, Ronald, had a “Not-So-Happy Meal.” Remember kids…don’t eat too much fast food, or you’ll have rainbow vomit.

By Phill Jones
Murray Mullet is at it again. This cool design is an areal view of a boat speeding through a sea of stripes, leaving a ripple effect behind it.

Monster in the Closet
by Efrem Palacios
When little cookies go to bed, they have nightmares about a blue beast that lives in their closet– Cooke Monster! His googly eyes and big, scary hand peer out of the darkness, eager for a midnight snack.

To Scan a Forest
by Thomas Aldrich
Designer/illustrator Thomas Aldrich, a.k.a. Zeppelin Fox, created this clever black-and-white design, which features a deer in a bar-code forest.