T-Shirt Animator: So Me

April 4, 2008

Not too long ago a video by the French electro band ‘Justice’ for their single ‘D.A.N.C.E.’ debuted and quickly became a favorite of t-shirt fanatics everywhere. Can’t say too much about the song, I mean it was pretty cool i guess, but the visuals were amazing. The video’s captivating production consisted of a multitude of t-shirt designs animated onto the shirts worn by two members of the band walking towards the camera. The designs were of a peculiar bold, vector style that stood out on top of the black and white background. These cool t-shirts suddenly were in high demand. The t-shirt designer for the ‘D.A.N.C.E.’ video was indie record label Ed Banger’s graphic designer, ‘So Me’. Weird name but cool designs. So Me also did the animation for the video, bringing some of his t-shirt designs to life. For any t-shirt collector, theses t-shirts are must haves. If you haven’t gotten one yet it isn’t too late. We’ve searched the net to find out if any of these shirts are still around. Lucky for you, there are a limited few on ebay: Check ’em Out Here. Although they’ve sold out, these are some of the other cool t-shirts from the D.A.N.C.E. video.

cool t-shirt designs

So Me’s design work is crazy. Check out some of his work on CD covers.

coo; t-shirt designs cool t-shirt designs

Check these other So Me videos: A promo for the record label Ed Banger and Kanye West’s “Good Life”.

For more on So Me, check out his MySpace or the Ed Banger website