The Hang Tag

June 13, 2008

When it comes to branding your clothing line it is necessary to show your logo as much as possible. Within your t-shirt design, on the shirt label, on your website and promotional material, and if you happen to make it to retail, on hang tags. Your hang tag is your opportunity to brand each t-shirt.

Hang tags are must haves for brick and mortar retail. Pretty much every tee in every store has a hang tag, so it’s only right that yours does, too. A hang tag can add perceived value to your line, especially one that is well designed, and includes useful information.

So what goes on your hang tag? Some things you should consider are your brand name, logo, and website if you have one. Look at other brands’ hang tags to get ideas.

Let’s take a look at some interesting hang tags.

hang tags hang tags hang tags hang tags
Once you’ve come up with a great hang tag idea and design, start searching for companies that produce hangtags. You might run into companies with high minimums and costly unit prices or set up fees, but as with anything in this business, just keep at it and you’ll find a problem to your solution. To give you a head start we found a few good custom label printing shops.




Also, consider getting your hang tag made with a unique die cut shape. It further brands your t-shirt line and makes it stand out in a crowd of thousands. Anything that sets your label apart or gives it a professional touch will undoubtedly help you make the sale.