T-Shirt Magazine Anniversary

March 21, 2009

Today marks the first anniversary of T-Shirt Magazine! And T-Mag #52 is the special anniversary issue of T-Shirt Magazine! It’s been a great year and we’ve met a lot of interesting characters in the t-shirt industry, got a lot of kind words from fans of T-Mag, and learned a lot about the t-shirt business. We’d like to give a special thanks to Coty Gonzales, for interviewing all of those t-shirt designers; Bob Nanna of Threadless, for making  Threadless’ sponsorship of the second Tee Maniacs contest possible; Latrice W. and Kristine McGlinchey, who got articles done on time and contributed some great content to T-Mag; our sister Fatima, for helping out with articles whenever we needed the help, Jeff of Go Media and AJ Vaynerchuk of PleaseDressMe for inspiration; Tim Fox, JayOne, and Tat2ts, for being active in the T-Mag community; Haley of Bare Apparel, for being a consistent advertiser, Eric of Linty Fresh and Ashdin of VLNY Brand;  Matt of Burn Tees for giving us advice on our CP shop before the birth of T-Mag; Matt of Emptees,  Josie Stewart of Springleap, Lindsay of Spreadshirt and Gino of Color Overload. And most of all…thanks to all of the visitors of T-Shirt Magazine, especially the die-hard visitors who came back on a regular basis to experience the t-shirt madness! :-)