T-Shirt Magazine Round Table

May 2, 2009

On T-Shirt Magazine, we’re gonna have this new series of articles called the ‘T-Shirt Magazine Round Table’. T-Shirt designers and entrepreneurs “gather” to discuss a given topic about the t-shirt industry, sharing their experiences in the biz. This is the chance for experts in the biz to give advice, without having to write several paragraphs, since others in the biz will share what they know. Also, if you’re an upcoming t-shirt brand, and you’re looking for help in a certain aspect of the biz (marketing, management, etc.) you can get the perspective of many different people who already “been there, done that”. It’s sort of like a forum with a little more meat and credibility to it. In other words, the participants in the Round Table actually know their stuff and can provide great info.

If you’re a considerably experienced person in the t-shirt industry (entrepreneur, designer, printer, blank supplier, executive), and you want to join the round table, just let me know at roundtable@t-shirtmagazineonline.com. Also, send a 140×140 image of your face as an avatar for the round table. After e-mailing me, I’ll give you more details on Round Table participation and topics to discuss.