T-Shirt Packaging

A major factor in the t-shirt selling business is presentation. Presentation of your designs, presentation of your website or storefront, presentation of your promotional images etcetera, etcetera, etcetera! To make the sale and keep ’em comin’, you really gotta get this presentation thing down and impress the hell outta your customers and potential buyers. That being said, impressive presentation of your t-shirts upon delivery is something to consider. Here’s why.

Stand out amongst the competition

Standing out amongst the competition and going above and beyond are essential components to an effective marketing strategy. When you take a look at some of your favorite brands, t-shirt brands and non t-shirt brands alike, it is highly likely that at one point or another, creative packaging was used. Not many other online t-shirt shops are using custom t-shirt packaging when shipping orders, so your shop can stand out by being one of the few. Cool t-shirt packaging is sure to make a lasting impression on your customers, and have them market your brand themselves through word of mouth, online and in person.

According to a poll conducted on a popular t-shirt forum, most people just use the generic plastic bags or whatever mailer their product will fit in. It’s no surprise that barely anybody uses unusual packaging or customization to set their product apart. It’s simply overlooked.

Examples of great packaging

Examples of great packaging are Linty Fresh, Johnny Cupcakes and 410 BC. On one instance, Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts came packaged in cake mix boxes that were designed to match each t-shirt that came in it, something that fits the theme of his company. Be creative when coming up with packaging for your t-shirts.

The Basics

Let’s take a look at the most basic t-shirt packaging options available to you in case you’re totally at a lost for ideas.

  • Plastic Mailers
  • Tyvek Mailers
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Any mailer the product will fit in
  • In the beginning you might have no choice but to opt for the most basic, least expensive t-shirt packaging options. This is fully understandable, as not every start-up t-shirt business has hundreds and thousands of dollars at their disposal. But you should at least have plans to improve your t-shirt packaging, along with the rest of your branding, as your budget increases.

    Now let’s get creative

    Here are some t-shirt packaging ideas that you may find useful.

  • Colored or metallic poly mailer
  • Poly mailer with printed design or a logo sticker on it
  • Corrugated box mailer with printed design or a logo sticker on it
  • Wooden box printed or engraved with your logo
  • Plastic box or mailing tube with logo sticker
  • Tin can or other custom shape
  • Look around at your competition, and favorite brands to see what their t-shirt packaging is like so you can keep up with them. In addition to the exterior packaging, don’t forget the interior items such as hang tags, free stickers, posters, postcards and other freebies. Keep in mind that presentation does a whole lot for selling to your customers. It’s fun and cool, and your shop could definitely use the individuality a unique package gives.

    Remember: Impressive t-shirt packaging can go a long way!


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