T-Shirt Rating Sites

June 6, 2008

T-shirt entrepreneurs and designers are constantly on the lookout for ways to get their t-shirts promoted. One way to do this is by submitting your tees to a t-shirt ranking website. Basically for these sites, you can create an account and submit your t-shirt. Anyone who visits the site has can choose which t-shirt they want to vote for. It’s a simple concept. But if your submitting a t-shirt design, it better be a good one and on top of that, you gotta find a way for people to vote for your t-shirt.

Here’s a few t-shirt rating websites that you can use to start promoting your t-shirts:

T-Shirt Rank

T- Shirt Rank
On T-Shirt Rank, once you register, you’re allowed one free t-shirt listing. After that, you have to pay additional amounts to have more than one design. The site has about 18 different categories that your t-shirt can be included in, so that way the right people can find your t-shirt easier. After your t-shirt is listed in T-Shirt Rank, you should make sure all of your friends vote for your t-shirt design so that it moves up the chart quicker, giving it more visibility.

T-Shirt Countdown

T-Shirt Countdown
T-Shirt Countdown is one of the most top notch t-shirt rating sites. Being connected to the popular forum, T-Shirt Forums, T-Shirt Countdown is well known and must recieve loads of traffic. This site is divided into categories as well, making is easier for your t-shirt to become #1 on a list. You can even look at what’s currently at the top of the lists and see how your t-shirt designs compare to them.

I Love Your T-Shirt

I Love Your T-Shirt
With ‘I Love Your T-Shirt’, you don’t even have to register to submit your designs. All you have to do is fill out a simple online form about your t-shirt design and bingo! Your t-shirt is immediately on the site ready to be rated…and it will be on top of all the previous t-shirt designs. Since you can submit your designs for free, you don’t have to be too hesitant about which design you want to submit.

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