T-Shirt Reviews: Crooked Monkey

February 20, 2009

We just got these cool tees from a brand by the name of Crooked Monkey. This brand

Facebook Stalker
Facebook Stalker Girls T-shirt
These days, practically everybody is on Facebook; even people who don’t go to high school or college. On Facebook, sometimes you can get a little nosy and read other peoples wall-to-wall conversations. Then you go on to check every single pic and album. This tee is for that girl who goes on Facebook every hour to check out the pics, status updates and wall-to-wall messages of her crush. If you’re that girl, here’s a word of advice: Get a life…and buy this shirt.

That’s How I Roll
Thats How I Roll
Yep…that’s how I roll. “Soon after I mastered the somersault, my social status skyrocketed.” I became the cool kid on the block. I like the blue and green color combination on this shirt…it reminds me of the earth and how I need to go green and stuff. But I wouldn’t be surprised if other people copied this design idea or already have copied it.