T-Shirt Reviews: Crywolf

December 22, 2008

I just got these cool t-shirts sent to me by the clothing line, Crywolf, a couple of days ago. Crywolf is a Toronto based clothing line started by Rose Chang and Stephanie Drabik, two art school graduates. Check out these tees:

cry wolf
Although I’m not typically a fan of banner t-shirts, or logo t-shirts, this t-shirt stands out as more than just a shirt with the company name on it. The design is really interesting and the name of the brand isn’t really “intrusive” in the design. The wolves at the side with the crown resemble what Crywolf stands for as a brand. It’s a simple black and white design, that you can match with almost anything color you wear with your outfit. I was wearing this shirt the other day and got the classic “Hey, that’s a cool shirt” from a couple friends.

Crywolf wolfies
This shirt design includes wolves wearing skull masks representing Crywolf. “Watch out, the wolfies are coming to get you. You can’t run and you can’t hide.” The swirls and vine thing-ies behind the wolves give a complete look to the design on the shirt. It could have been better if the design idea took up more of the shirt, like an oversize print, but hey, it’s still a cool shirt. Well, we’ll see what Crywolf comes out with next season…

For more tees, check out their site!