T-Shirt Reviews: Goodie Two Sleeves

December 27, 2008

Goodie Two Sleeves is a clothing brand based in Los Angeles, California, with humor themed t-shirts. Goodie Two Sleeves launched in June 2002, making the brand about 6 years old. Although the market for the ‘funny t-shirts’ category seems overcrowded, and everyone is copying off of each other, Goodie Two Sleeves stands out and creates original t-shirts.

Proud to be Awesome
Awesome Pride
This shirt is “simple. To the point. A hint of vintage. Plus a
lot of tood. Oh and tood means attitude.” This shirt is great for those that are, indeed, awesome. Are you awesome? If so, than you should wear this shirt. If you’re not awesome, then don’t wear this shirt because then that would just be plain weird. If you have to think about whether or not you’re awesome, then you probably aren’t awesome. Just be awesome.

You Party?
You Party
This is another one of those attitude shirts that only people with attitude would wear. According to Goodie Two Sleeves, “the guy on this shirt thought we meant ‘You Party’ like this is a party about you..er..him. So he got all snazzed out with his wicked shades and blow dried his feathered mullet just in the nick of time for me to draw him for about 2 hours. Then I let him know it’s a question not a party about YOU. But he didn’t care…”