T-Shirt Reviews: Jiggy

January 11, 2009

Check out these t-shirts from Jiggy.com. Jiggy is a website selling mainly band t-shirts, with some t-shirts for gamers and super hero fans.

Willie Nelson – Think Green
willie nelson t-shirt
Willie Nelson is a country singer known for making great hits. Willie Nelson is also known for his marijuana advocacy and use of marijuana. With that being said, we already known what Ol’ Willie means by ‘think green’. The simple design and color scheme of this shirt makes for a great shirt for all Willie Nelson fans out there.

Rolling Stones – Classic Tongue Shirt
Rolling stone classic tongue shirt
Whether or not you’ve listened to the Rolling Stones, everybody recognizes this logo. The classic red tongue logo. This is a must have for any Stone’s fan. Actually, it’s a must have for anybody who’s collecting a bunch of cool t-shirts, especially band t-shirts.