T-Shirt Reviews: Melon Kid

January 15, 2009

Check out these t-shirts from Melon Kid, a t-shirt brand from Spain. We also featured Melon Kid in the article, International Scene: Spain, reviewing the company. This time, we’re reviewing specific t-shirts from their shop.

Melon Kid (logo t-shirt)
melon kid t-shirt
The character on this shirt looks like a really cool dude. I mean, even though he’s a melon, he looks real charismatic and confident…he would be the life of the party. I like the look of the whole Melon Kid logo; not too complicated, not too plain.

Argyle Splatter
Argyle Splatter
This shirt right here has an interesting concept. It’s like the creator of the shirt was painting with argyle pattern paint, but stopped and took a look at the splatter and thought “wait…I’ll just keep the shirt like this. It looks perfect”. Sort of like when a painter originally intended for the art to look a certain way, but than made a mistake that he decides to keep, making the artwork look even better.