T-Shirt Reviews: Seventh.Ink

December 24, 2008

Seventh.Ink is an offspring of Seventhfury Studios that features shirts and apparel designed by Matthew Johnson of Seventhfury Studios.

Beauty King
Yes, this shirt is another skull shirt, but this one has a crown on its head. The reddish color used on this shirt is one that I’ve never seen used on a shirt before. It’s not the kind of red that I call my favorite color (crimson red), but I still like the color. I also like how on this shirt, there’s a cool logo on one of the sleeves. I think it’s like that on all of their shirts. Oh yeah, and for some weird reason, when I was wearing this shirt, two of my friends asked, “is that supposed to be Che Guevera?” What!? Go figure…

Collage #1
This black and white shirt is meant to be a collage of images from horror movies. I spot one of the spider from eight legged freaks, with its body over a car ready to attack! I’m not to sure what the other stuff in this collage design are supposed to be. This shirt can be classified as an artsy shirt because the design is straight from the designer’s sketchbook to the t-shirt. “The horror undertones in this design make it perfect for anyone who loves a scary movie” according to the designer.

Check out the site for more tees by Seventh.Ink. Also, make sure to check ’em out on Facebook and Flickr.