It’s T-Shirt Time!

Ever since “The Jersey Shore” became a big hit, ‘T-shirt Time’ took on a whole new meaning. The phrase coined by Vinny and Pauly D of MTV’s acclaimed show has become a phenomenom. T-shirt time, according to the ‘Jersey Shore Dictionary’, is “the physical transition between lounging in a wife beater, eating cereal on the sofa and actually preparing to get ready to go out. If the guys plan to leave at 11pm, t-shirt time would likely be around 10pm.” Basically, time to party!

In addition to the pre-party t-shirt time, Vinny has been taking on some more serious t-shirt time, partnering with the Do Something organization to launch his own t-shirt line called ‘I Have A Vision’ or IHAV for short. Proceeds from each t-shirt sale will be donated to anti-bullying efforts. Co-stars JWoWW and The Situation have also launched their own clothing lines this past year, called ‘Filthy Couture’ and ‘DILLIGAF’ respectively. Throughout the past few seasons, and the current third season, the guys of “The Jersey Shore” have been seen wearing all sorts of t-shirts, whether it be ones they made, ones from their job at the t-shirt shop in season one, or ones they get paid to wear. Check out 10 t-shirt moments from “The Jersey Shore” cast members.

And for some t-shirt time of your own:


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