UnderRepped Clothing

When you look at t-shirts that pay homage to famous people, you’ll notice the same faces popping up over and over again–Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Muhammad Ali, Che Guevara, Bob Marley. The same athletes, actors, and celebrities always have their immortal images emblazoned across t-shirts, and their legacies forever branded in our brains.

But what about the unsung heroes? What about the important people who have made great contributions to society, but hardly get mentioned in a few lines of a history book? UnderRepped Clothing is dedicated to shining light on these important people and making sure their accomplishments don’t get lost in the sands of time.

Paul Leonard, the founder of UnderRepped Clothing, is involved in the medical field, so he wanted to represent scientists, inventors, and doctors.

 “We thought it’d be so cool for people interested in science to get the chance to recognize someone they admire in their field and recognize their legacy. And then we realized that anyone with an interest has someone they could represent. Whether it is in science, the arts, music, or whatever..”

Their shirts are screenprinted on 100% cotton, which means they’re incredibly soft. Instead of the traditional inking process, they use discharge ink, which ingrains the image into the fabric, so it breathes and will never fade over time. Wear a piece of forgotten history and the stories of these unsung heroes will never fade.

ADA LOVELACE – First Computer Programmer

Lovelace black


ADOLPH RICKENBACKER – Inventor of the Electric Guitar



NIKOLA TESLA – AC Electricity Systems Inventor



RENE LAENNEC – Inventor of the Stethoscope