Ways to Boost Shop Traffic

April 11, 2008

Traffic. Sucks on the road but does wonders on the net. If your shop’s doing great its probably much thanks to all the traffic your getting. If your shop isn’t doing as good it may be because you’re not getting enough. If your traffic sucks, you need to do something about it now. Here are some surefire ways to boost traffic to your shop.

site traffic

Optimize your shop for search engines. Search engine optimization is one of the most important factors to boosting traffic to any online destination. If you’re shop lacks optimization and you haven’t mastered the search engines, you need to learn how.

Have reciprocal links to your shop. Links to your shop help increase your search engine ranking and your online visibility. Try link exchanges. The easier it is to find you the more likely a customer is to visit your shop.

Become a regular in relevant forums. Have a link to your shop in your forum signature and participate often in forums related to your niche. This will increase your visibility to your target audience and show them you are a regular person who chats online from time to time.

Realize the potential of social networks. Sites like Myspace and FaceBook are being used as tools for promotion by many big name companies. Since you’re probably already on MySpace, promote your shop through your profile and to your friends.

site traffic

Join the social bookmarking community. Bookmark sections of your shop on social bookmarking sites that allow it. If your shop or one of your t-shirts was reviewed on a blog or website, bookmark that page too.

Get reviewed by blogs. Bloggers are some of the most influential people on the net. They’re always looking to write good reviews but won’t hesitate to hurt feelings, so as long as your shop is up to par you’ll benefit from blog reviews.