Wes Allen

December 5, 2008

We interview t-shirt designer Wes Allen.

TM: How long have you been designing t-shirts?

WA: I’ve been designing shirts for 5-6 years.

TM: What was your first “big break” as a t-shirt designer?

WA: I think my “big break” was when I was able to do work for The Who. That was probably the first “big” band I worked for. After that many other great opportunities for other huge bands started coming in.

TM: So you’ve done work for many well know artists in the music industry. Who have been your favorite clients to work with?

WA: It’s hard to say, I’ve been incredibly blessed to have worked with so many amazing bands and companies. I really had a blast doing work for the Sex Pistols. I grew up on punk rock, so it was a dream come true to be able to work with them. They gave me complete freedom to come up with some crazy designs for them, I had so much fun doing them. Unfortunately none of my designs were used.

TM: Do you print the shirts (that you’ve designed) on your own or do you get them printed by someone else?

WA: Usually whoever I design the shirts for handles the printing and the production side of it. I did print shirts for my clothing company that I co-own called Sixtyfold (myspace.com/sixtyfoldfashion), but we outsource the printing now.

Dummy t-shirtBeatles t-shirt

TM: Out of all of the t-shirts you’ve designed, which one’s your favorite?

WA: I would have to say most of the work I’ve done for the Starting Line are my favorites. I’ve tried many times to do work similar to them but it never seems to turn out quite like those did.

TM: Which artists have served as an inspiration and been an influence to you?

WA: There are many artists that I get inspiration from. Brandon Rike, Danny Jones, Ronald Ashburn, and Rob Dobi are just a select few that always have solid work that I never get sick of.

TM: What are some helpful tips you can give to other t-shirt designers out there?

WA: Be patient!!! Tees are a very competitive industry and hardly anyone can just become an over night success. You have to work hard, develop consistent designs, and keep trying to get your name out there. Keep up with trends but don’t over use them. Most importantly do it because you love it and have fun doing it!

Check out Wes Allen’s portfolio.