No Whitney No!

Oh Whitney Houston, not you too.  I think everyone who existed in 1992 has some memory of belting “And Aye-eee-aye will always love you-ooh-ooh-ooh” in excessively awful but exhilarating fashion to an unreceptive audience in their living room. The mother of the Modern Woman ballad, Whitney always had a way of getting’ us girls diggin’ deep into our gut…and into our purse…for $12 to cop a commemorative Whitney Houston Tour t-shirt from the most awarded female artist in history. Whitney taught us so many things through her songs and shananigans; namely, that when you fall passion will pick you right back up, that the music industry must always have a seat at the table for black female artists, that sometimes your significant other isn’t perfect and its ok, and least we forget, that crack is whack. I feel there couldn’t be a better way to remember Whitney than by playing “I’m Every Woman” all day at the office without headphones and to purchase my very last Whitney Houston commemorative t-shirt. We’ll always love you.