Some of the Worst Tees Ever

June 27, 2008

We always do our best to bring you some of the coolest tees around, but throughout our adventures we often come across some tees that just don’t cut it for us. Either the design was poorly executed, the quality was mediocre, the message was unclear, or we simply didn’t like the shirt at all. DISCLAIMER!!! If you own one of these tees, don’t worry, we’ve got tons of other articles full of cool tees for your buying pleasure. If one of these tees is yours or was designed by a fellow t-shirt brand, really, we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you. It’s just all in fun. But guys, use this as a guide for what NOT to do.

worst tees
Really don’t get what this tee is saying, or why a guy would wanna wear this. It’s like those tees with a bodybuilder torsoe image on them that give the illusion that your a muscle bound freak, and like those character costume tees that let you dress as your favorite cartoon for the day, but this gives you breasts and a brazilian wax. Why would a guy want breasts and a Brazilian wax?? And what does 10,000 BPM have to do with anything? Lesson: Don’t put lifesize boobs on a t-shirt meant to be worn by a guy.

worst tees
I refuse to believe that this is cool. People wear this? I don’t get it. McDonalds in Arabic? What’s the significance, where’s the design skill, and is McDonald’s even aware of any of this? Heather gray isn’t the right color either. Lesson: Never use McDonald’s logo on a t-shirt.

worst tees
This is in the same category as the above. Nothing against foreign languages but these tees happen to be poorly put together. This is also bad because of it’s choice of colors. The type is hard to read thanks to the rainbow color gradient which doesn’t look good against the heather gray. Lesson: Some colors don’t go good together and make sure any type meant to be read is actually readable.

worst tees
They’re totally getting sued for this one. It’s one thing to use a copyrighted character in a t-shirt design, but to make one of the most iconic figures in cartoon history shoot himself in the mouth?? With the blood splattering through his head?? Quite frankly, I take offense to this one– and Disney is bound to sue their asses! Lesson: Never use copyrighted characters and never-ever depict them committing suicide.