YONIL Tee Collection

Jonathan Lax, also known as YONIL, is an extraordinary illustrator and graphic designer from Israel. YONIL takes his cooky illustrations and graphic designs and transfers them to wicked t-shirts, posters, album art and more. YONIL draws inspiration from street art, music, city life and issues in society. His art combines fantasy with realism. Recently he opened a Bigcartel shop, where he sells a range of his popular artwork on tees. Take a look at some of my favorite tees below.

YONIL did a superb job with the placement of his art on these t-shirts. Taking work from a canvas to a t-shirt is challenging and in some cases the work looks better left on the canvas. YONIL’s work remains just as powerful on these tees. His choice of t-shirt blanks compliment the designs and don’t over-power them. These are just a few of his incredible t-shirt designs. Visit YONIL’s online shop to view more tees and buy one today.

View the artist’s complete portfolio here.
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