Zazzle Review

On, you can create all types of products, including skate board decks and shoes. Of course you can customize your own t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and other articles of clothing too, but only one site lets you customize skate decks, and who doesn’t wanna customize skate decks these days?

This might convince you. Here’s snippet from an article about Google investing in Zazzle: Google, the online search giant, have invested $16 million in Menlo Park, California based, online marketplace company called Zazzle.

“Zazzle represents a significant breakthrough in e-commerce and is the ideal advocate for every individual who wants to create products that are as unique as they are,” Said John Doerr, Google investor and venture capitalists. If Google invested in Zazzle, it’s gotta be one hell of a fulfillment service.

Zazzle lets you customize t-shirts, bags, hats, aprons, ties, business cards, stamps, postcards, posters and prints, calendars, mugs, mouse pads and more. It’s also a print-on-demand service, so your products are made once someone places an order from your shop.

Products you create can be either private or public. At any time, you can view and purchase both your Private Products and your Public products

Here’s some of the benefits of Zazzle:

In addition to affordable prices and generous price discounts, Zazzle surpasses other product creation services in many ways:

Easy, online design: If you’re reading this web page, then you already have all the tools you need to design a custom Zazzle product! You may either upload your own image from your computer, or customize an existing product from the Product Galleries. Upload images, add text, and choose from hundreds of fonts and millions of colors.

Unlimited printing colors: Other printing services usually limit the maximum number of colors in a design to six, and charge more for additional colors in a design. Zazzle uses an innovative digital technology that imprints our products with as many colors as the image contains — at no extra cost. The result is a vivid, photo-quality image at a great price.

Top-quality products: In a word, Zazzle quality is exceptional — exceptional quality apparel, papers and materials; exceptional quality digital printing techniques. You’ll be amazed. The design you purchase is infused into the product it is printed on, resulting in an unusually vibrant image that will endure for years. With our apparel, this means that the printed design is as soft and supple as the rest of the shirt. You have to feel it to believe it.

Really fast shipping: Immediately after you click “Place Order,” our manufacturing systems begin processing your order. Our digital printing capabilities and technical expertise allow us to ship most orders within 24 hours. Other custom printing services often require weeks to produce a custom product. With Zazzle, you don’t have to plan weeks in advance.


How to start:

Just sign up at It takes about five minutes.

Start up cost: Zazzle is FREE!

Pros: Free online shop, print-on-demand, wide variety. You get your own storefront plus you get all sorts of promotional tools such as MySpace and Facebook widgets.

Cons: You can’t create large or all over designs on the clothing. The print quality is arguably not as great as rival CafePress.

Check out Zazzle for yourself and see how u like it. After all, it’s free to start, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.